Exhibition on now

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 17:29pm

Caerlaverock WWT Nature Reserve

If you find yourself in the Dumfries area this month then you could pop into Caerlaverock WWT nature reserve. Apart from it being a wonderful place to spend time catching up with wintering geese, swans and ducks, WWT are also hosting an exhibition of my latest work. 

This most recent collection of images have been inspired by my camper van visit to Orkney in May of last year. What an amazing place. The islands are steeped with history with some really impressive sites to visit. However, it was the wild landscapes and bird watching opportunities that captivated me and as a result it is this that is reflected in my exhibition. I'm hoping to make a return visit to Orkney this year, as we only managed to get to a small corner of the islands, lots still left to explore!

If you don't manage to get along to Caerlaverock then visit my website again at the end of January when I'll add my latest Orkney inspired work to my gallery.