Lucy Hadley is a Designer and Illustrator living in Galloway, South West Scotland, where her studio practice mixes traditional mark making techniques with modern digital tools. Graduating with a first class honours degree in Graphic Design (BA Hons) Lucy was awarded the University of Cumbria’s Derwent Prize for Excellence in 2015. She returned to university, focussing on environmental ethics and narratology, completing an MA in Creative Practice (Pass with Distinction) in 2020.

Having been an environmental communicator for nearly 20 years, it is unsurprising that British wildlife and the diverse habitats found in the UK feature so heavily in Lucy's creative practice. Her masters degree Literature Review focussed on Environmental Ethics and Deep Ecology, giving Lucy a wide-angle-view on the decades of discourse surrounding climate concerns. 

Lucy's research led her to critically examine and reflect on her own visual language and how she might further develop meaning and memorable experiences in the narratives she creates. Her self published book of illustrated wildlife poems, and her draw along videos provide an interesting opportunity to engage audiences and provoke thought. She uses her love of the natural world to create quality functional products, putting British wildlife centre stage and celebrating the landscapes where they live.